Ubuntu about to release an LTS server

Canonical is getting ready to release its Lucid Lynx Long Term Support server software.

The Lucid release is a major one for Ubuntu, as it is the first Long Term Support (LTS) release in two years.

Normally Ubuntu releases come out every six months and have 18 months of support. Ubuntu LTS releases, however, come out every two years and provide three years of support on Ubuntu Desktop, and five years on Ubuntu Server.

A Canonical survey shows the relative importance of an LTS release over a regular release. The study found that there were more users of the 8.04 LTS release than there were for the more recent 8.10, 9.04 and 9.10 releases.

For the record, the most recent Ubuntu 9.10 release, codenamed the Karmic Koala. Which is named after a fluffy bear which only eats gum and has a heart attack if anything flusters it. At least a Lynx is only an endangered species.

Canonical said that Ubuntu 6.06 LTS is still getting lots of use, but it is the stand-out use of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS which tells the story of the acceptance and appreciation of this dual-release cycle amongst Ubuntu users.

Nearly three quarters of respondents also noted that they consider Ubuntu to be ready to deliver critical server services.