Ubisoft releases accurate journo sim for DS

Sod this for a game of soldiers, if you splash out £17.99 you can have your career as a journalist secured for all time.

UK Resistance posted up this game that’s recently been doing the Twitter rounds. Ubisoft has released another game in the Imagine: series – this one’s called Imagine: Journalist.

The idea is you start as a columnist for a local newspaper, and up as an international reporter, heading your very own TV show. You’ll have to do journalisty things like go to press conferences and  catch scoops by “travelling in style by helicopter,” just like real life.

“Keep your ears and eyes wide open to catch the latest scoops,” says the game’s Play.com blurb.  We cannot yet confirm whether players will be encouraged to do other stuff the modern publication has to worry about, like applying SEO to their paper’s online edition, aggregating on Google News, maintaining a social media presence through Twitter et al, desperately blagging your way into things at the last minute, working at the Observer trying to desperately cling onto your supplements and taking calls from PRs. We hope so though.

We’re waiting on a reply from Ubisoft but are fairly certain they won’t be letting us down. When we get our hands on a copy, we’ll stick up a review for you all.

Do check out the UK Resistance link for their suggested additional features. Our favourite is:

– Go “freelance” and enjoy the benefits of beard-growing and not having to ever see other people