Torvalds wades into Gnome

The inventor of Linux, Linus Torvalds has slammed the latest version of the Gnome GUI.

While many people don’t like Gnome 3, very few have the royal status of Linus in the IT world.

Writing in Google+,  Torvalds slammed the direction of Gnome 3.

Torvalds did not mince his works either. He said it was an “unholy mess” and the user experience was unacceptable. Because of Gnome 3 he has ditched the GUI for Xfce. While Xfce is a step down from Gnome 2 it is a huge step up from Gnome 3

Linus said that he used to be upset when Gnome developers decided it was “too complicated” for the user to remap some mouse buttons.

In gnome3, the developers have apparently decided that it’s “too complicated” to actually do real work on your desktop, and have decided to make it really annoying, he said.

Linus said that if you want a new terminal window you have to go to “activities” and press the “terminal” that you’ve made part of your normal desktop. Why you are not allowed to have it on your desktop instead of the “insane activities” mode” is beyond him. But after you have done all that all you get is your existing terminal to the front.

“That’s just crazy crap. Now I need to use Shift-Control-N in an old terminal to bring up a new one. Yeah, that’s a real user experience improvement. Sure,” Linus hissed.

He said that was just the kind of “head up the arse” behaviour of gnome3 so he is going to Xfce.

Torvalds also called for Fedora/Red Hat to fork Gnome which would have thought was a bit rude as Gnome forking is a bit like Gnome tossing.

Torvalds is famously fussy about his interfaces. He was a KDE user before KDE 4 happened. After KDE 4, he ditched KDE for Gnome.