Torvalds thinks Linux 2.6 has got out of hand

The creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds is starting to think that the Linux 2.6 kernel is getting out of hand and he is thinking of killing it and releasing a new version.

In a message to the Linux Kernel Mailing List, Torvalds said that there have been too many updates to Linux 2.6 kernel releases and with traditional Linux humour he said that the numbers have got so long he could end up tagging this as the Linux 2.8.0 kernel.

The problem was pointed out in 2008 by Greg Kroah-Hartman who proposed abandoning the Linux 2.6 kernel numbering which he thought was getting confusing. He wanted something like”Linux 2009.0.0″ to reflect the age of the kernel rather than some number that holds little value to the great unwashed.

Now that Linux 2.6 kernel series is on its way to its 40th release and is nearly seven years old, the numbers are getting confusing.

At the moment, though, there are few that think that the Linux kernel has changed enough to warrant being called Version 3.

For example Linux 2.6.40 kernel features will include Sandy Bridge performance optimisations, initial Intel Ivy Bridge support, graphics support fixes, a form of Nvidia Optimus. Hardly a revolution.

But it does look like Linus is serious about listening to the voices in his head  and changing the Linux kernel version. He wrote that he is toying with the idea of having a version 3.0 probably around update 40.