Torvalds furious at latest Linux kernel

Linus Torvalds has made it clear that he is not a happy bunny at the latest release candidate for the Linux kernel.

Writing in his blog, he said that he wished things were getting better for the kernel but he would just be lying.

Torvalds is worried that Linux is getting too big. The latest Release Candidate 5 is much bigger than its predecessor. When RC4 came out. he was worried about how many lines were changed.

He said he is dealing with the problem by issuing a stern warning that if the developers don’t improve their coding he is going to swear at them.

“I’m going to have to start cursing again unless you stop sending me non-critical stuff,” Torvalds said. “So the next pull request I get that has “cleanups” or just pointless churn, I’m going to call you guys out on.”

Torvald said that he had a personal challenge to come up with new ways to insult developers, probably involving their mothers and their dead pet hamsters.

Rc5 changes are pretty much all over: almost half are drivers (networking, usb, gpu, mmc, sound..), with the other half being various other subsystems.

There had been some arch updates: MIPS, arm, smattering of ia64, microblaze, s390 and some x86. And networking (non-driver), xfs, fuse, gfs2, jfs.

He is telling developers to go out and test, and urging them not to strong arm him into cursing about them and their pets.