TfL can't handle data strain of live tube feed

It was only last month on the 15th of June, that Transport for London opened up its data to the public for developers to toy around with. 

Unfortunately, there’s been so much demand that TFL’s systems have been put under a great deal of strain. They couldn’t take the pressure anymore for the London Underground feed and totally folded. So now TFL is having to close its data again, for now, until it sorts out its tech.

Data had been made freely available on buses, tubes, river services and all the rest of it (think Croydon Tramlink) with our favourite example being all tube lines and running services being overlaid, live, onto Google Maps. 

However, Public Technology reports that far from being miffed, it has been hugely encouraged by its first attempt at crowdsourcing. TFL said demand had been way higher than it originally anticipated, and it proved that there is a demand for knowing when the tube’s going to bloody arive. Well, doi. 

In a sense it’s pretty shocking that it’s had to pull the plug so quickly. Other countries with metro systems can manage it – so why can’t we? If there’s anyone from TFL reading take no notice – we’re just annoyed because you still haven’t managed to get proper ventilation or mobile signal on the underground either.

It seems that only the tube feed has been affected.