Teradata takes a pop at Oracle’s Exadata

An advert by Oracle claiming that Exadata is better than Teradata has caused the latter company to explode in anger and put slated performance benefits down to Intel rather than clever software.

A Teradata blog lashes out at Oracle, even though it says that it’s flattered by the attention.  

“It’s also entirely specious – and if you’re concerned that the philosophical parts of this post will either bore you, or represent a pointless exercise in self-justification, then feel free to skip straight to the penultimate section of this essay in order to cut straight to the chase,” the bog says.

The advert in question mentions a Japanese company, which Teradata’s bog says is Softbank.

“So is it true? Did Softbank Mobile (the company described in the advert and referenced elsewhere in Oracle’s marketing literature) really migrate from Teradata to Exadata – and see improved performance, plus a reduction in data centre space, power and cooling requirements into the bargain?
“Yes. All true, just as Oracle says it is,” the bog continues. It explains this by saying that Softbank’s existing Teradata system was obsolete. It claims that the improved performance was down to Intel, “not any advance in Oracle’s software technology”.

Teradata concludes by saying the Softbank design win came in 2009, and it’s surprised that Oracle keeps repeating the story two years on.

There’s more of the unseemly scrap, here