Techrights group calls for Apple boycott

An anti-patent campaigning group has called for a boycott of Apple products in a bid to get Cupertino to drop its lawsuit strategy against Linux and Android.

Techrights, which has arranged campaigns against Microsoft and Novell before is against software patents generally. However, it said that Apple is being a real pain with lawsuits, false allegations and doctored ‘evidence’.

Dr. Roy Schestowitz said that the cult of Steve Jobs loved to pretend that it invented the smartphone, tablets and “all things shiny”. What is scary is that Apple fan sites celebrate Apple patents and trademarks.

After describing Apple as a company which built itself on knockoffs, Schestowitz said that Apple has been working hard to embargo the competition.

Schestowitz said that given the latest actions from Apple, Techrights cannot help recommending that people buy nothing from Apple. Boycott the company for being a threat to the IT landscape and also for common sense.

Schestowitz said that Apple used to be a lot more benign. But when Apple started the legal assaults, it made it clear that it was a frantic embargo company and not a producer.

Strangely, he noticed certain quarters of the press appeared to be colluding, with the likes of the Telegraph using Christmas eve to attack Google with general smear campaigns and unbalanced articles.

The Telegraph quote claimed that Google’s Android, which is up against Apple’s iOS, is under heavy fire from all sides. The best-selling software is “accused in courts worldwide of plundering the original ideas of others”.

It seems that there is some movement against Cupertino and a backlash could wallop Apple in the  coming years.