TechEye shares a cab with Rovio's Bird Whisperer

Speaking to TechEye, Rovio’s “Bird Whisperer” and temporary Cab Whisperer Ville Heijari says a rough estimate for Angry Birds’ sales in 2010 is €6.5 million. 

Heijari admits that revenues are small by global standards, relatively, but operators in his native Finland mostly wouldn’t be able to muster the money to invest. For now most of the profits are being pushed back into Angry Birds so they can build and develop some more. 

We shared a taxi from C/O Paris, where other Finnish companies held a breakfast with journalists. TechEye unfortunately missed it, in a morning panic that isn’t exactly atypical. Heijari also said his company is not that far off from getting a licence for a film – if you think about it. Talking of the Angry Birds partnership with 20th Century Fox for bird-related CGI film “Rio,” he says “An Angry Birds movie is not a great jump from that.”

Rovio is at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to pitch to every operator they can and they are beyond busy. Angry Birds will soon, Rovio hopes, feature an in-game banking system where you can purchase, with real dosh, bits and pieces, called Bad Piggybank.

The Rovio CEO has a policy with his staff that they’re not to wear suits or be stuffy. At a high profile awards event, Heijari says he told organisers to bog off when they demanded a black tie event.

They’re hoping to shake up MWC, too – planning their own booth perhaps for next year, with live action Angry Birds. That’s throwing plush toy birds at fortified pigs, by the way.