TechEye media circus forces Ubisoft "We Dare" back-down

Remember that crap looking game, “We Dare”, by Ubisoft? It suggested sexy dare games probably with lots of bending over and flirting and other crass ideas but it only had a 12+ age rating. Ooh er.

We crowed about it months ago and now it seems the national press have decided to take notice. Scared of further media backlash, Ubisoft has backed down on releasing the game to the frightened paedophobic UK public. Good!

At the time we talked to a mother who found the whole idea despicable. Speaking about the blurb, which outlined it as a “sexy” party game for, er, kids of 12 and over, she said: “I really think that’s wrong. They shouldn’t be using the word sexy for 12 year olds, let alone kinky. I’m sure most parents would agree.”

We think it’s fair to say TechEye kick started the We Dare media circus back on the 2nd of February, and we’re glad to be rid of it! Ubisoft didn’t even bother to get in touch with us following the story, we guess because it’s pretty much indefensible.

No particular moral indignation here though – with the cringe-worthy trailer, the game just looked like rubbish. 

It was going to be on the Wii and PS3, but not in the UK. It’ll still see a release around the rest of Europe, unless, for some reason, parents in France etc. take exception to the idea of a game spurring their children on to have sexy fun together.