Tech CEOs act like rock stars at GMSA

We know that being the CEO of a tech corporation carries a lot of stress and strain – going around in limousines,flying First Class or in their executive jets with big comfy chairs and collecting 10s and 10s of million a year and those other things they have to deal with.

But when they’re guest speakers at GMSA do they really have to act like top models or wrinkly rock stars and throw their weight around?

A mole tells me that Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, got into a right old strop at GMSA because everything wasn’t really to his taste.

Mr Ballmer requires a special “Ballmer’s Pack” which includes a very specific kind of peanut butter, it seems. His GMSA pack didn’t have that peanut butter in so a band of staffers were sent round Barcelona to try and hunt down the brand.

He refuses to eat any brand.  It also appears he got a little shouty and upset some of the Asian guests. Strange, he’s not called Steve “whispering” Ballmer for nothing.

Another top CEO called GMSA staff very early in the morning to make sure that the chair he had on stage swivelled.

It all reminds us a little of a Carly Fiorina staffer when she was at HP, who insisted that Carly “was more important than the King of Spain”.

How the other half live….