Taiwan braces itself for "Y2K bug"

Taiwan is gearing itself up for a local version of the Y2K “millennium bug”

The island’s unique calendar counts its time from the 1911 revolution that brought down the last Chinese emperor which means that January 1 will not be the start of 2011, but of year 100.

Some of the older computers have been used to measuring time using two digits and may not be able to cope with having to think about three.

According to AFP, smaller businesses in Taiwan are particularly worried, along with those outfits that hoped to save a bob or two during the recession by not upgrading.

Some companies, such as Taiwan Resibon Abrasive Products, have had to replace all their computers because the bug would mess up the the serial numbers of the finished products.

However, experts estimate that up to 200,000 local shops and companies still use computers that are not armed to withstand the millennium bug.

So far most of the outfits have not done anything, probably because the Western millennium bug turned out to be a storm in a tea cup.

However,  the government fears it is just ignorance as some of the companies involved still think computers are cutting edge technology.