Switzerland demands Powerpoint's death

There are shedloads of single issue political parties out there, but has got to be one of the best.

The Swiss Anti-Powerpoint party, which was launched this week, has the sole interest of saving the world from the evils of powerpoint demonstrations.

In the outfit’s blog, it claims that all these institutions use PowerPoint and about 11 percent of more than 4.1 million employees have to waste time assisting making presentations on a regular basis.

So getting out its calculator, the SAP Party said that the presentations take place twice a week on average, and have an average number of 10 participants. Using the average Swiss salary to work out how much is money is being wasted, the Party thinks that PowerPoint causes the annual monetary destruction of $2.5 billion.

It points out that the situation in Germany is worse with 15.8 billion euros flushed down the loo because workers have to sit through very precise and dull presentations.

Looking at the problem Europe wide, SAP thinks that Powerpoint costs the 110 billion Euros which is coincidently how much the Greek debt bail-out will cost.

SAP wants to become the fourth strongest political party in Switzerland, so it is clear it is aiming high. It has already had to adapt its strategy to emphasise that it is not just Microsoft’s Powerpoint software it wants banned but all makers of such pointless software.

Still, it has a good chance of getting what it wants. In Switzerland, citizens force a referendum on any subject. All it takes is 100,000 voters to sign a petition demanding one.  It also looks like it has the backing of the US Army.