Storage software: Boring but worth $3.5 billion

When you run out of room you have to put stuff somewhere and the latest IDC report on the storage software market underlines that.

Worldwide, storage software turned in revenues of $3.5 billion for the first calendar quarter – up 12.4 percent on the same quarter last year.

Within the sector, storage infrastructure was up 29.3 percent. Data protection and recovery accounted for $1.4 billion during the quarter.

IDC thinks that a desire to protect and improve corporate data is a prime driver in the marketplace.

Top dog was EMC with 22.4 percent market share. Hitachi, however, was the clear leader in growth, jumping in the 2011 quarter compared to the same quarter last year by 69 percent.

This IDC table shows what’s going on.

IDC software storage market Q1 2011