Steam heats up Macs

At long last Valve has finally decided to release its first Steam gaming portal for Macs.

Steam is a popular game service and an online games store, and Valve the company behind it is most famous for releasing games such as Team Fortress and Left 4 Dead.

Valve has been testing Steam for Mac in beta for a while but now it seems the company has finally decided to make the release public.

And it also seems Mac users are getting special treatment with the company also offering  a ‘free to play’ Portal game and a library of 63 games for the Mac platform.

The launch lineup includes Civilization IV (Colonization, Warlords, and Beyond the Sword editions), And Yet It Moves, Chuzzle Deluxe, Bejeweled 2, Bookworm Deluxe, Galcon Fusion, Bob Came in Pieces, World of Goo, Altitude, City of Heroes: Architect Edition, Machinarium, Torchlight, Braid, Brainpipe, Football Manager 2010, Zuma Deluxe, and Quantz.

Features such as Steam Play feature also expected to let users play the same game on Windows as well as Mac for free through the Steam Cloud.