Stallman calls for an end to file sharing war

Open sauce guru Richard Stallman has called for everyone to get off file sharing’s case and has come up with some weirdie beardie advice as to how the entertainment industry can make money without charging anyone.

According to IT News, Stallman claimed that artists and musicians were “not entitled to” compensation from listeners, but governments could introduce a tax to support their work.

Stallman seems to think that Governments have piles of dosh to give away to rock stars.  Arts are usually the first to get the chop in government restructuring as “more important things” such as education, health and science usually get the dough.

However Stallman claims that governments could collect taxes and distribute resources to authors or artists according to the cube root of their popularity so “fairly successful” artists would be adequately supported.

While this sounds all nice and utopian it does mean that recording stars will be paid for by the state.  Therefore if they hack off the government they would be denied state funding.   A situation where Margaret Thatcher would have to support Billy Brag is not really a sustainable vision.

However Richard thinks that artists, authors and musicians could supplement their income by using a voluntary payment method that allowed users to donate small amounts at the push of a button.

“A lot of people will push that button because it feels good to support the artist,” Stallman insisted.

This means that rock bands could increase their earnings by showing themselves with hungry children or dogs on a string.

Stallman told the World Computer Congress in Brisbane that digital society had to be “free” in order to be a benefit.