SQL Server 2012 out in March

Microsoft has said that it will launch its SQL Server 2012, the next generation of its database product, online in March 7.

The event will feature keynote addresses from Microsoft corporate vice presidents Ted Kummert and Quentin Clark doing a song and dance number about how wonderful the new software is.

Vole is being very careful about telling punters that they will be able to buy the program on that day unless they are on a beta program or going live with a private build or release candidate.

Writing in his bog, SQL Server expert Aaron Bertrand said that the launch event was just a marketing tool to get you excited about the product. We would have thought it hard to get excited about a database product, however much marketing you had swallowed.

However Microsoft is quietly confident about SQL Server 2012 which will arrive in three flavours. As well as a standard “nothing to see here move on please version” there will be a business intelligence version that adds features such as the Power View data-discovery tool and data quality services to the standard edition’s features.

There is the Enterprise Edition that includes advanced security, high-availability capabilities and a columnar data store.

As you might expect, to celebrate the release, Microsoft is creating a new licensing plan.

Enterprise and Standard Edition will be available on a core-based model, with licenses sold in two-core packs. Standard Edition is also available on a server plus client access license basis. BI edition is only available via server-plus-CAL licensing.

SQL Server is seen as a way of locking businesses into the Microsoft collection of products as there is a greater reliance on Windows for an OS.

It only makes sense for outfits who have lots of cash tied up with Volish software. But given the fact that Microsoft does not want to lose its customers to rivals, it still has to come up with some sweeties to justify and upgrade.