Spielberg and Dreamworks want to make Halo movie

Word on the street is that Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks are trying to acquire the rights to make a movie based on the Halo franchise.

The New York Magazine, Vulture, claims that Spielberg and Dreamcast are pursuing the movie rights for the Halo franchise.

Dreamworks is hoping to avoid some of the problems which have stopped previous attempts at making the movie by buying the movie license for the Halo novels, not the game itself.

This prevents Fox or Universal from suing it if the flick goes ahead. The two studios were left with a $12 million bill when their version of the movie was killed off.

Halo movies have come unstuck in the past because of Microsoft’s demands, and and the problems of creating a $100 million movie based on a video game.

There’s already a script on the novel Halo: The Fall of Reach and apparently Spielberg loved it. He must have liked the script, but the novel was pants.

Spielberg does have a bit of clout, after all he was one of the three founder members of the studio. If he is serious, then the project has a long way to go before fans can start buying their popcorn.

The last major go that the studios had was when former Kapiti College school boy Peter Jackson had a crack at it. Interestingly that resulted in the cut price anti-apartheid sci-fi movie District 9, but no expensive Halo.