SPEC releases virtualised server benchmark

Standard Performance Evaluation Corp (SPEC) has released its first vendor-neutral benchmark which aims to measure performance of data centre servers being used for virtualised servers.

The benchmark, called SPECvirt_sc2010, measures and compares system performance across hardware, applications, virtualisation platforms, power consumption and power performance, theoretically making it easy as pie for users to see how their servers are doing. It has been developed by members of the SPEC subcommittee, whose members and contributors include big players like AMD, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Intel, Red Hat, Unisys, VMware and Oracle

The product can generate three different categories of results. Performance only takes into account the workload of each component, in each tile, and normalises it against its potential best for a predefined load level. It can also take in power and performance for the whole system – server and storage – or can be narrowed down to just power and performance for the server only.

Data centre geeks can pick it up now for the low low price of $3,000, however non-profit and educational institutions qualify for a discount. Initial benchmark results can be found at the SPEC website here