Sony sued for removing Linux

Sony has been sued by Open Sourcers for the removal of the ‘Other OS’ feature from the PlayStation 3.

In March, Sony released firmware v3.21 that disabled the feature which stopped punters installing the Linux operating system on their console.

The update was not mandatory, but if you didn’t download it you would be cut off from the PlayStation Network.

Anthony Ventura of California has got a class action against Sony for the “intentional disablement of the valuable functionality originally advertised as available” for the Playstation 3.

He claims that disabling Linux is a breach of the sales contract between Sony and its customers.  He adds that it is also a deceptive business practice “perpetrated on millions of unsuspecting customers.”

Sony claimed the removal of the feature was for security reasons, but it was also an anti-piracy move.

The suit also alleges Sony violated California’s Unfair Competition Law by restricting the PS3’s functionalities by “forcing consumers to choose between the Other OS function and the Other Advertised Features impaired by Update 3.21”