Sony shuts down iconic Liverpool software studio

Troubled Japanese tech giant Sony has closed its Sony Liverpool software studios.

According to Eurogamer, the studios are famous for fantasy game WipEout, The studio was closed after all its projects were cancelled.

Michael Denny, Senior Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios told staff that that the company was being ‘reorganised’. Reorganised apparently means closed in corporate speak these days.

The studio was one of the UK’s most-loved developers. It started life as Psygnosis in 1984, and was bought out by Sony in 1993 before being re-branded as Sony Liverpool in 1999.

WipEout and Colony Wars were a mainstay on the PlayStation and helped the console gain traction. The studios produced a version for every PlayStation format.

Sony says that only part of the Liverpool campus that is being closed is WWSE Team Liverpool. The campus will still house FQA, GFPQA, XDev, CSG-Video, Localisation services and WWSE Finance, among other departments.

A Sony spokesperson said that it will be relocating the team members throughout the studios, but some job losses will ensue.