Sony PR man Kevin Butler tweets PS3 root key

Sony is really ticked off about its root key doing the rounds. It was revealed at the beginning of the year and left the PS3’s operating system wide open. Next it decided to sue the hackers, and now it’s majorly annoyed at any website that is publishing the keys in full.

Marketing executive for Sony Kevin Butler may be next in line. A Twitterer sent a message with the keys along with a message that says “come at me.” @TheKevinButler retweeted and said “Lemme guess… you sank my Battleship?”

But he sank his own Battleship, publishing the tweet and the keys in full.

Now users on Reddit are one-upping each other by posting the keys in bold. “This again with the security keys?” writes Tuxedo-Mask. “I’ll get the ball rolling…” before posting the lot.

One user, Mavus, suggests Butler has become a victim of his company’s own life-hack: “Tweet security key. PR Hard mode.”

The tweet has now been removed but has been captured for posterity and is about to go viral. Will Kevin Butt’ have to sue himself?