Skype reacts to claim that researcher has "open sourced" software

A developer who posted claims that he has managed to retro-engineer the software for the voice over IP outfit Skype has seen the outfit swiftly react.

The unnamed developer posted source code has been posted for versions 1.x/3.x/4.x of Skype as well as details of the rc4 layer arithmetic encoding the service uses.

He hoped that he might be able to recreate Skype as an open source platform, however it looks like the code has been already pulled from the world wide wibble.

According to Skype said that the unauthorized use of our application for malicious activities like spamming/phishing infringes on Skype’s intellectual property.

A spokesSkype said that it was taking all necessary steps to prevent/defeat nefarious attempts to “subvert Skype’s experience”.

Skype takes its users’ safety and security seriously and we work tirelessly to ensure each individual has the best possible experience, the spokesman said.

This is a little unfair. After all the guy only wants the code to be made available to developers to tinker with. In fact Skype’s reaction is very similar to the view that Sony took when it came to using Linux on its console. In otherwords if the code is open source it must be good for hackers.

But there were so many limits on the posted code.  It only ran old versions of Skype and these would be easy to block from the service. It would be a doddle for later versions of the software to be shut down too.

However the code would give developers an insight what is going on under the bonnet of Skype.

What might alarm the voice-over-ip outfit is that it does expose all its code so that people can find flaws.