Siri is rubbish, claims analyst

A new report into Apple’s voice-recognition software Siri has alleged that it is an over-hyped chocolate teapot of tech.

The report, conducted by Piper Jaffray, indicates that it is probably more effective to ask your cat for directions that asking Siri.

Of 1,600 common searches, the speech technology accurately resolved the request 62 percent of the time on a loud street and 68 percent in a quieter setting.

The report graded the technology “D” for accuracy, which is a little tricky for Apple given that it was the only reason to buy the iPhone4s, as Siri was the only significant bit of technology which was different between that and the much rubbished iPhone4.

Apple spent a fortune positioning Siri as the defining characteristic of its iPhone 4S. It paid Samuel Jackson and Zooey Deschanel lots to claim that Siri actually worked well.

But when users tried it they found that it feel well short of the adverts. In fact in places outside the US it hardly worked at all because Apple could not be bothered setting up the search database before releasing it.

Gene Munster, the Piper Jaffray analyst who conducted the study said that using Siri was like playing the lottery and the technology is at least two years away from being useful.

One group of customers filed a class-action suit against Apple for false advertising. Apple has denied any wrongdoing saying it was “just a beta, what would you expect?”.

If it was just a beta, we would have expected that you did not make it the central point of your marketing, Mr Cook.

Munster said that while Siri is good at comprehending what a user is saying and will accurately repeat the question, it struggles turning those words into a correct answer.

Sometimes Siri will repeat old answers when a user is trying to ask a new question. It is also a huge turkey when it comes to trying to use speech commands to find directions.

Munster gave Siri ‘B’ in comprehension and a ‘D’ in accuracy,” Munster said.