SCO nearly gives up

The anti-Linux bad-boy SCO appears to have finally given up the ghost and moved to Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Before it had been trying to save itself using the US’s Chapter 11 code which means that you are trying to restructure your way out of debt.

Now, according to Groklaw, SCO has moved to Chapter 3 which means that means that it has no reasonable chance of ‘rehabilitation’.

However, strangely, SCO wants its litigation with IBM to continue even if the company has little money left to take on Biggish Blue.

SCO has $3,721,181.00 in unpaid postpetition debts and only $145,352.00 cash on hand. Almost all the assets have been sold and SCO has no business operations.

It seems that SCO wants to keep its legal train running, but without paying for the Chapter 11 administration. SCO appears to be trying to say that there is no way anyone is going to get their money unless it is allowed to continue its unfair competition and tortious interference claims against Big Blue in the District Court of Utah.