Saudi Ikea Photoshops out women

Creators of flatpack furniture that might have baffled Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Ikea, has been slammed for turning to Photoshop to remove a “female problem” from its catalogue.

According to AFP, the company, which was founded by Ingvar Kamprad, a man with “youthful” Nazi connections, has been caught airbrushing women out of the catalogue.

A local version of Ikea’s yearly catalogue, published on its Saudi website, shows images that are identical but the women are missing.

Ulrika Englesson Sandman, a spokesperson for the Swedish Inter Ikea Systems, is apparently furious and sent a stiff massage to the outfit’s Saudi franchise holder.

Trade Minister Ewa Bjoerling has waded in saying that if Saudi Arabia does not allow women to be seen or heard, or to work, they are letting half their intellectual capital go to waste.

Swedish European Union Minister Birgitta Ohlsson branded the incident “medieval” on social networking site Twitter.

Ikea’s Saudi franchise partner operates three stores in the country, where it has seen “double digit” yearly growth over the past five years.