SAP to take on Oracle

The maker of expensive business software SAP has decided to pick a fight with its worst enemy by making database software.

SAP has been at war with Oracle for a while now, mostly over some software which one of its subsidiaries allegedly pinched from Larry Ellison’s company. Oracle and SAP are in competition but Ellison’s team sells more software overall because of its database leadership. SAP sells more business management software than Oracle.

Now it seems that the German company is going to become a major provider of database software which is going to seriously hack off Ellison.

SAP said it will tell the world and its dog about the plans at a 10 April news conference in downtown San Francisco.

According to a statement from SAP, it will unveil its unified data management portfolio and demonstrate how it will become a leading database vendor.

It is fairly likely that this software will be based on Sybase which SAP bought in July 2010.

Since it bought the company, SAP has been more interested in expanding Sybase’s mobility software and has never mentioned integrating Sybase’s database technology.

Reuters points out that moving into the database line will not only hack off Ellison. It will stick two fingers in the eyes of SAP’s closest business partners, IBM and Microsoft.