SAP pays $20 million to make criminal case go away

The maker of expensive management software which no one knows what it does, SAP has settled with the Department of Justice and agreed to pay $20 million to resolve a criminal probe into allegations that it downloaded millions of files from rival Oracle.

Reuters claims that a plea deal, is scheduled to be formalised at a court hearing on tomorrow.

US Department of Justice prosecutors charged SAP’s defunct TomorrowNow unit with 12 criminal counts in connection with illegal downloads of Oracle software files.

Although we knew that SAP had agreed to settle the case last week, and put its hand up to the crime, the dollar amount was not revealed.

SAP is saying nothing. Neither is Oracle nor the Department of Justice so the figure is really up to Reuters‘ sources.

The criminal case is part of a battle between SAP and Oracle. Last year a civil jury awarded Oracle $1.3 billion over accusations that SAP subsidiary TomorrowNow wrongfully downloaded millions of Oracle files.

A Judge has since reduced that award to $272 million although Oracle has appealed that reduction and the case is waiting to be heard.

TomorrowNow was bought by SAP and has since been merged entirely and formally shut down.