SAP buys Sybase for $5.8 billion

German combine SAP paid $5.8 billion to acquire database company Sybase in a deal that will give Oracle more of a headache than it’s had recently.

SAP is paying cash for Sybase and said that combining the two companies will give it better synergies in different markets.

Sybase has mobile software that connects to both data and to applicationson corporate investments and has over 850 relationships with operators worldwide.

SAP said that it will support both its own and Sybase’s roadmap and will keep the database company’s development team intact.

The company will be known as Sybase, an SAP Company and the existing management team will be kept in place to run the business unit.

John Chen, Sybase’s CEO, said that the combination of its and SAP’s applications will make it the market leader in entrerprise mobility, allowing corporations to access their data through many different devices.