SAP buys one of its partners

German software giant SAP said it has bought one of its customers, a company called Technidata.

Technidata makes software to manage safety, health and safety, and the environment.

The German company has been associated with SAP for over 15 years. SAP said buying it was a logical step. Technidata employs 500 people.

It’s all about “sustainability” it appears. A long winded statement from Peter Graf, the executive VP of Sustainability Solutions at SAP, and even provides what he thinks is an explanation for the word.


“Sustainability is about holistically managing economic, environmental and social risks and opportunities. IT can help organisations execute their sustainability strategies in a way that drives short- and long-term profitability. SAP and Technidata share this comprehensive view of sustainability. As a result, our customers enjoy more homogeneity of their IT infrastructure, lower cost of integration, and cutting edge sustainability processes combined with comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities.”

Meaningless. SAP didn’t say how much it paid for Technidata. Meaningful.