Samsung rumoured to buy WebOS now

The strokers of beards and the people in the know might have failed in their guess that Samsung was going to buy HP’s PC business, but that apparently does not mean that the outfit is not going to want to buy one of the maker of expensive printer ink’s hand-me-downs.

Last week, everyone thought that Samsung was going to buy HP’s PC business and the rumour was so good it had to be officially denied.

It has now been replaced by a rumour that Samsung now wants to buy the WebOS from HP. . Sadly the rumour is based on Tame Apple Press ideas that the South Korean electronics giant is so terrified by Cook’s crowd superior legal attacks against Android it wants to throw in the towel and get something that it can’t be sued over.

Apparently the South Korean government is urging Samsung to drop Android, and concentrate on developing its own mobile operating system alongside other Korean companies, such as LG.

If this was true then it makes sense to buy WebOS because it would have a ready-for-market tablet and smartphone mobile operating system to continue development on.

Samsung has also recruited HP’s ex-vice president of PSG marketing Raymond Wah to handle Samsung’s PC sales.

What the Tame Apple Press have forgotten is that Samsung has its own operating system already –  Bada –  so what it would do with WebOS is anyone’s guess.