Samsung boss calls for "absolute lead" in software

Samsung’s new CEO Kwon Oh-Hyun has identified the firm’s notoriously weak software as the missing piece of the puzzle on its path to world domination.

While the various facets of Samsung’s hardware business grow at a staggering pace, brushing aside the competition, its software offerings have often been less than breathtaking.

However, in his first speech following his appointment earlier this month, new chief exec Kwon Oh-Hyun targeted improvement with the firm’s software as the key area for change.

He called for renewed vigour in building “unique platforms and ecosystems” with a strengthening of capabilities in “software, user experience, design and solutions”, according to AFP.  Success here will have Samsung stake a claim for an “absolute lead” in the market, Kwon said.

Kwon feels that to really stake a claim for the top spot, Samsung needs to wrest the crown from Apple in fast changing and highly competitive markets.

Sparring-partner Apple’s approach forms the blueprint of a successful ecosystem based on strong software. But, while Samsung saw roaring success with the Galaxy S2 outpip sales of the iPhone in some quarters, its success has in part been down to relying on Google’s Android OS.

Samsung’s own attempts have been less successful. Bada is not quite a household name.

Samsung did recently throw $500,000 at ensuring membership at the top table of the Linux Foundation, showing the Korean giant’s commitment to developing its own software in the future. Still, there is a long way to go in convincing the world that it has the ability to take on the likes of Apple in software.

Rumours of Samsung further developing its Family Story – which allows smart TVs, tablets and smartphones to share photos and other files – have been quashed. Samsung officially stamping out claims it had its eyes on a full on social network.

Samsung may have the resources to invest in a developing its relatively weak software arm, but if it is to match the might of its hardware divisions it has some way to go to beat the current ecosystem leaders.