Samsung and Intel push Tizen

Samsung and Intel have shown how serious they are about getting the Android rival Tizen off the ground.

Tizen, the operating system which sounds like a kitten sneezing, needs apps if it is going to have a bat’s chance in hell of competing with Apple or Android.

The pair have decided that the best thing to do is arrange a competition with winning apps eligible for prizes ranging between $50,000 and $200,000.

Developers have until 1 November to submit their apps. The judging will take place between 4 November and 25 November, and winners will be announced in December.

With games being a popular category, it’s no surprise that the top game will get the $200,000 prize, with the best non-game app winning $120,000.

The top 10 HTML 5-based apps will win $50,000 each. In total, there is $4.04 million in prizes that will be awarded to 50 developers in nine categories.

So far only a handful of carriers have committed to Tizen, including Japan’s NTT Docomo and Sprint Nextel.

The first phones were supposed to debut as early as this month, but have been pushed back to the fourth quarter due to problems with the app store, we guess the app store being empty has not helped much.