Samplify improves multi-core processors

Samplify has just released its new APAX application acceleration technology which it claims makes multi-core processors go like the clappers.

The technology is supposed to be scalable so it could end up on the cloud, or in smartphones.

Al Wegener, founder and CTO of Samplify, said that sustained performance of these multi-core processors reaches only a fraction of their potential because of memory and I/O bandwidth constraints.

He claims that APAX can reduce the bandwidth requirements in a lot of memory-bound numerical, graphical, and imaging applications.

It does this by speeding up the distribution of numerical data as graphics and images. It can be run as software on Intel x84/x64 CPUs or on GPUs from Nvidia and AMD.

Wegener said that APAX can also accelerate memory subsystems, storage subsystems, I/O, and network interfaces by integrating it as hardware IP into the memory controller, storage controller, Southbridge, and network interface card, respectively.

Currently the technology is available as software for Intel x86/x64 CPUs on both Linux and Windows 7 for HPC and cloud computing applications.

It should also appear as Verilog RTL for SoCs and FPGAs in Q3 2012. The company did not mention price.