Salesforce boss reveals dystopian future where software looks like Facebook

Never mind the Handmaiden’s tale or Logan’s Run, Salesforce’s Marc Benioff has come up with a dystopian vision which makes George Orwell look understated.

According to SlashdotBenioff has been telling the world and its dog that in the future all software will look like Facebook.

Benioff said that he the social network, which he regularly touts in speeches as one of the more revolutionary developments of the past few years.

He said that Facebook was “the most popular application on the planet” and suggested that its model will eventually end up adopted by pretty much everyone in the world of tech.

Benioff envisages a day when you open your cloud-based management software and are greeted by a cat playing the piano or a picture of a dog with a guilty expression.

He said that all software is going to look like Facebook, and everyone will have to rewrite their software to have a feed-based platform. If people can collaborate on tagging a photo, he added, they could easily do the same with a product or business problem.

Salesforce already uses a lot of social not-working ideas including profiles and real-time collaboration.

Benioff is not even worried that Facebook’s IPO plunged in value after going public, saying that it is an incredible company and what it had done in eight years was exceptional.

All that Facebook did wrong was not going public years ago, and choosing the NASDAQ as an exchange.

One area where Benioff disagrees with Facebook is the use of HTML5 for its Salesforce Touch app, which delivers Salesforce data such as Chatter feeds and contacts to a variety of mobile devices.