Russian spy was a Microsoft employee

One of the Russian spies caught recently in the United States was working for Microsoft and has now been deported back to Russia.

The spy, Alexey Karetnikov, was in his early-to-mid-20s and travelled to the US in October 2009, when he began working for a Seattle branch of Microsoft, as well as a Romanian-based software company called Neobit.

While he worked for the Seattle branch, he apparently lived in Redmond, Washington, according to the Washington Post, which is the headquarters of Microsoft, suggesting that his operations may have been closely linked with uncovering potential government projects that the Vole may be working on.

The FBI stated that he had just begun his spying operations and was “in the early stages”. It said that Karetnikov had not obtained any information during his short stay in America, but the same cannot be said for the other eleven spies who were detained recently.

He was held under immigrations laws, since there was no real evidence to charge him for spying, and he was deported on Tuesday. 

Ten of the other spies admitted to working on behalf of the Russian government and were traded for four American spies that were jailed in Russia, a deal which many see as similar to those agreed during the Cold War. 

We wonder how many other Microsoft employees are secret agents and if the leaked Windows 8 information had anything to do with them.