Russia needs a games industry

King Putin’s Grand Vizier President Dmitry Medvedev has decided that what the Glorious Motherland needs is its own computer games industry.

Never mind freeing the country from the grip of the Russian mob,  corruption, and the oligarchs, Medvedev feels that a nation is not truly right with itself unless it has made its own set of games.

Medvedev feels that foreign games had flooded the Russian market but they could not be counted on.  After all they were made by people who did not understand Russia’s unique cultural circumstances which made it different from the rest of the world.

Medvedev visited a factory of computers and computer games producer Craftway and was shown a game called  “Il-2 Fighter,” which is set in World War II and features Russian combat aircraft.

“This is a good way to see the development of events at that time,” Medvedev said. After all computer games do not often deal with the fact that Russia was ruled by a deranged crypto fascist who ordered wholesale genocide of his own people and got away with it because he was on the winning side during World Wa II.

Il-2 shows the heroism of the Russian people when fighting foreign fascism, it does not show the game winner being dragged off to a Gulag because he was more popular than Stalin, which happened to the heroes  of Leningrad. 

Mededev said that  nowadays teenagers are more interested in playing computer games than reading books.