Ringo Starr set to challenge Mario as upcoming games hero

Celebrated narrator of the first two series of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, Ringo Starr, has applied for a licence to use his name and likeness in videogames and digital downloads. 

Which strikes us as bizarre because the unofficial gaming release that lets a player imitate Mr. Starr’s particular style was released years ago in the guise of Donkey Konga on the Gamecube. Details are thin on the ground and the move to trademark his name for gaming may be precautionary – or he may be the new “Cool Spot”.

Either way, Computer & Videogames reveals a trademark application filed in the States for the word mark: “Ringo”.  It seems confirmed by the applicant and owner, Richard Starkey AKA Ringo Starr, who is apparently an individual in the United Kingdom. 

The application confirms in a Live/Dead Indicator field that he is indeed one of the last living members of The Beatles, besides Yoko Ono, the original Beatle

The filing says Ringo’s name will be used for computer game software, discs, downloadable programs and downloadable electronic media and publications. Disturbingly he has also filed for his name to be reserved for toy vehicles, stuffed toys, bath tub toys, flying discs, sports balls, inflatable swimming toys and board games.

While TechEye welcomes an official Ringo Starr videogame outside of the much-hyped Beatles Rock Band – perhaps casting the drummer as the lead in a 2011 Dizzy revamp – we’re much more intrigued about the thought of a toy car carved out of Starr’s plastic likeness. 

*EyeSee Other cameo appearances we’ve got all our fingers crossed for are: 

  • Unlockable character in Soul Calibur
  • Grand Theft Auto: Liverpool 1960
  • Sim Ringo