Richard Stallman gets mugged in Argentina

Open Saucy guru Richard Stallman did not get a particularly warm welcome in Argentina.

Apparently, his dedication to free software did not impress local muggers who took his bag containing his laptop, medicine, money and passport.

According to one bog Stallman had just given an inspiring address, in flawless Spanish at the University of Buenos Aires.

Stallman has a ritual where anyone in the audience can walk up to him, exchange a few words, and get a sticker and a picture. Unfortunately, on this occasion someone decided to take advantage of the ruckus and nick his bag.

Shortly after he realised his bag was gone, according to Partido Pirata, Stallman found himself in “utter despair, cursing out loud”.

The local paper described  “a hopeless RMS sitting at the university staircase, crying”.

He was forced to cancel his talk in Cordoba, and it’s still unknown how this will impact the rest of his speaking engagements throughout the world, the bog continued.