Realtime Worlds told porkies to EA Games

A contractor who claims to have been working for Real Time Worlds just before it went tits up said that the outfit was lying to everyone about the state it was in.

The outfit was responsible for the online game APB and has now gone into receivership.

The unnamed contractor has told NowGamer  that the game was always fighting an uphill battle and the last six months was total chaos.

“No one seemed to know what they were doing. The amount of lies told, especially to EA, was unbelievable,” the deep throat said.

The outfit was “haemorrhaging $2 million a month”. The developer realised that the economic crash had finally hit the gaming world and the game that had taken more than seven years to develop and in excess of $100 million was the same as everything else being released.

The contractor said that there was a nasty double cross of EA which involved waiting until the last minute to take back online publishing rights just before launch. This created a confused marketing campaign which meant no one other than hardcore gamers knew the game had launched.

RTW had some sticky internal politics being played by senior producers and the art department that resulted in stale advertising material and a negative beta campaign.

EA got miffed and told RTW to either pull its finger out and publish APB “this summer or not at all”.

The source said that David Jones was still very passionate about his vision for the game but it was kind of stale and a bit 2006-07.

The outfit made a frantic push to de-bug and just get a working game out for summer and no one was asking if the game was actually worth playing let alone paying for, the source said.

EA has said that it “never comments on speculation/rumours”.