Professional video editors move away from Apple

One of Apple’s core markets used to be the entertainment industry, but thanks to the Apple’s obsession with making consumer toys that is starting to change.

Ars Technica has been closely following Apple’s release of the video editing software Final Cut Pro which is being seen as the sea change in Cupertino’s thinking in regards to this market.

Apple did a major overhaul to its professional video editing software, which dumbed down the product by removing a huge chunk of editing features and made it unable to import projects from previous versions of the software.

At the time it was seen that Apple no longer cared for its market of creative professionals, but it seemed the company did not listen to the bad press it got on the move.

Recently,  TV production company Bunim/Murray hit the headlines by saying that it was switching from Final Cut Pro to Avid.

But after the announcement was made, other production outfits piped up and wondered what took it so long. It turns out Bunim/Murray was late in making the move away from Apple while others were quicker to walk away.

According to Ars, there were already signs of an industry shift to Avid before FCPX came along, but Apple still had a very loyal and dedicated user base. Somehow Apple managed to screw that up and now they are leaving.

Jude Mull, who works at a post-production facility in Hollywood that processes and digitises some top TV shows, said that Apple was more concerned with selling iPads and iPhones than it is with the faithful customers who have stuck with the company since the 90’s – the professional editors and VFX people.

The fact that the Mac Pro seems to be on Apple’s back burner is forcing them to begin looking at other, non-Mac, hardware. While some corners say that the Air will solve all their problems, people who use their computers for a living point out that it’s not quite that simple.