Pirate Party founder hits out at SOPA

The founder of the first Pirate Party has hit out at US politicians and their attempts to give over huge chunks of the constitution to Big Content.

But, according to Rick Falkvinge, the Stop Online Piracy Act will actually make it impossible for any foreign company to trust software made by Apple or Microsoft.

Writing in his bog,  he said that SOPA shows that United States politicians are not afraid of legislatively ordering American-run corporations to sabotage their customers in order to further US foreign policy.

At the moment, Microsoft and Apple run a great deal of the world’s infrastructure, in terms of governments, authorities, and social security. But American legislators want to sabotage technical global resources just because they happen to be run from within the US.

Falkvinge said that the law means that the Vole and Apple will have to sabotage their products so that they can enforce American laws and economic interests outside of US borders.

American corporate code cannot be trusted and foreign countries will have to shift away from products made by US proprietary companies, otherwise they will be turning their computers over to US spooks.

Falkvinge said shifting from these platforms takes years, and American legislators can decide to enforce American trade interests in much shorter time than that. Therefore, the shift needs to start as soon as possible.

He said that Android is hardly an alternative, as it too is American-made and there is also the risk that home grown software might be targeted by other nations who have worked out that if the US can get away with it, they can too.

“If there was ever a compelling overriding reason of national security and sovereignty to switch to free software, this is it. And there’s no shortage of good free software — I’ve been running free software exclusively for the past decade,” Falkvinge said.