Paid bloggers scandal was a bit of a yawn

It promised to blow the lid on how big corporates tame the US tech press with bribes, but sadly the order by a Judge for Oracle and Google to tell the court which hacks they paid turned out to be a big yawn.

According to ReutersOracle and Google responded to a US district judge William Alsup’s request for the identity of all writers who commented on the companies’ intellectual property lawsuit, and who received money from them.

Alsup said he was “concerned” about relationships between commentators and the companies.

It was hoped that it would reveal the extent of how the big IT companies tamed the press by hiring them.

Google said that it had not paid any author, journalist, commentator or blogger to report or comment on any issues in this case.

Oracle hired blogger Florian Mueller, who often comments on patent issues, as a consultant on “competition related matters”. But he was not retained to write about the case.

Mueller disclosed the Oracle connection and said that it was not a pay-for-blog relationship.

Both Oracle and Google said some employees might have blogged about the case, but said it did not ask for or approve such posts.

Oracle did slam Google for funding trade associations, whose staff then wrote about legal issues in play during the litigation. Google acknowledged contributions to various groups but said it has not paid any of them to comment on matters in the case.