Oracle’s Larry Ellison is such a snappy dresser

It’s I dunno 2002 or something, I can’t remember. Or was it is Paris in 1995, I dunno, I can’t remember.

It’s a press trip and Oracle succeeds in getting the British journalists totally trashed the night before. Or was it Amsterdam, I really can’t remember but I  did meet Ray Lane. The barmen seemed to recognise me. You know, it’s all a bit of a blur. We hunted in packs.

I’m at the front bench, really not feeling too good. I manage to lift me eyes and my head and I see Larry Ellison’s shoes. His shoes are so perfect that I take in the rest of his figure, socks, trousers, crotch, moving up to his perfect shirt and his beautiful jacket. I eventually wake up and see his face and realise that just his shoes, just his shoes are worth more than I have ever earned in my whole life.

Yes, a snappy dresser. Not sure about Ray Lane’s suit though, compared. What I do remember though is that Oracle treated its resellers better than that HP. And he and Mark Hurd are no SAPmans….