Oracle to give to Apache

Oracle has decided that it has had enough of OpenOffice and is planning to give the thing to Apache. 

According to Network World the move is a much expected snub to the Document Foundation, which was so miffed at the way that Oracle was handling OpenOffice it forked the project off into LibreOffice.

An Oracle press release said that donating to Apache gives the software a mature, open, and well established infrastructure to continue well into the future.

The Apache Software Foundation’s model makes it possible for commercial and individual volunteer contributors to collaborate on open source product development, Oracle said.

Earlier this year Oracle said it would off-load OpenOffice onto the the community but failed to say where it was going.

While no one doubts that Apache is a reliable body to take up the Document Foundation says that it regrets that Oracle missed the opportunity to reunite the projects.

However in a statement it said that the deal would offer the potential for future-proof licensing.

It said that the Apache License is compatible with both the LGPLv3+ and MPL licenses, allowing TDF future flexibility to move the entire codebase, to MPLv2 or future LGPL license versions.

The Document Foundation believes that commercially-friendly, copy-left licensing provides the best path to constructive participation in, and growth of the project.

It is possible that the two outfits might get into “coopetition” and there will be frequent contacts between the Apache Software Foundation and The Document Foundation over the next few months.

It is also an indication that Oracle and Apache are burying the hatchet and may even smoke a peace pipe.