Oracle starts SAP appeal

Oracle is appealing a five-year long court case in a bid to get its rival, the esoteric business software maker SAP, pay millions more in copyright infringement.

A spokesperson for SAP confirmed a report in the German daily Mannheimer Morgen saying that an appeal could take two years. According to ReutersSAP is disappointed that Oracle is dragging out the process.

The long running court battle started when an SAP subsidiary, TomorrowNow, wrongfully downloaded millions of Oracle files.  The fact that Oracle wanted to drag in the former CEO of SAP Léo Apotheker into court, because it happened on his watch, made for a side show. 

SAP had offered to write a cheque to Oracle for $306 million in damages over copyright infringement allegations against a SAP unit. But Oracle thinks that it should be getting a lot more. Part of this might have been its pre-trial expectations of many billions and part of it might be the fact that a Northern California jury determined in 2010 thought that Oracle should be paid $1.3 billion.

But District Judge Phyllis Hamilton rejected the jury verdict and said Oracle could accept a $272 million award, or opt for a new trial against SAP.  Oracle is appealing that decision.