Oracle snubs Sun's virtualisation

Oracle has decided the virtualisation technology it bought along with the Sun empire is not worth developing.

According to Parity Portal, Oracle will soon be announcing its decision to stop development of Sun Ray Software and Hardware, Oracle Virtual Desktop Client, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) product lines.

The announcement was buried in the company support policies for virtualisation software and hardware.

It said the move is part of Oracle’s efforts to tightly align “Oracle’s future desktop virtualization portfolio investments with Oracle Corporation’s overall core business strategy.”

We ran this through our management decoder and, once we’d scrubbed the paradigms, found it meant these particular products don’t fit with what Oracle wants to sell anymore.

Oracle has its Oracle Secure Global Desktop which is a server based VDI program, and Oracle VM VirtualBox software. This is pretty popular.

It is not clear when will be your last chance to buy the Sun software. Apparently Oracle will continue to support the existing hardware and software as well as renew licences.