Oracle ownership is great for MySQL – honest, guv

While Oracle is being muttered against by Open Saucers who do not like what it is doing with MySQL, the former MySQL CEO Marten Mickos says the MySQL code base is in a good state.

Chatting to Network World,  Mickos said Oracle may not understand or care much about open source but was committed to the products.

He could not moan about Oracle’s technical expertise and Version 5.5 of the MySQL database “probably is the best MySQL version ever produced,” and the upcoming version 5.6 is looking strong too.

Mickos said that the new versions were brilliant engineering and done under the GPL licence, completely open source, fantastically built, a low number of bugs, well tested and QAd.Better than sliced bread or boiled beef and carrots, honest to God, governor.

He said that many in the MySQL community will react against it and feel that it’s not as open and open source as it used to be.

It is true and as a result new companies will spring up and catering to that need. But the core product, the actual code, is in better shape than ever, he said.

Mickos said he liked working for Sun but “didn’t think Sun could survive on its own.”