Oracle kills off one of the world's oldest domain names

Oracle will pull the plug on one of the oldest Internet domain names and shut the site was the the page of Sun Microsystems and was one of the first dot-com domain names to be awarded.

According to one of Oracle’s developer bogs, the site will disappear on June 1.

Most of the content that was on BigAdmin,, and some sections of SDN of the site has been migrated to the System Admin and Developer Community of the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) already.

Oracle’s engineering team is apparently working porting the much used Hardware Compatibility List which was also on the site.

The content in will remain available. A blogging platform similar to is in the works at Oracle so that blogging can continue as before.

However one thing that will be killed off is the huge database of papers. Oracle said it does not generally archive out-of-date and unbranded papers. It plans to rescue a limited number of classics, but most of the old blueprints will disappear.

Some of this can be found on mirrors such as

Sun com was registered four years after Scott McNealy, Andy Bechtolsheim, Bill Joy, and Vinod Kosla founded the outfit and was one of the first 100 dot-com domains. It went live 24 years ago.

Oracle bought Sun last year and for the last year has been killing off the Sun’s corporate operations and online presence. It has also been losing control of Sun’s Open Sauce projects.