Oracle being stuffed by Java Judge

After a month of listening to Oracle and Google patronise him about what Java code does, Judge William Alsup has revealed that he has, and still does, write code.

According to Groklaw Oracle’s lawyer David Boies thought he was home and hosed and was talking up how crucial these nine lines of code were.

Boies had been trying to claim that Google’s use of rangeCheck was “no accident” and that the company had used it in order to save time.

His exact quote was that they wanted Android faster and this copying allowed them to use fewer resources and accelerate that.

His logic was a couple of days programming time must have saved them about $6 million.

Then the judge waggled his wig and pointed out that was rubbish.

He said he had done, and still does, write a significant amount of programming in other languages and he had written blocks of code like rangecheck a hundred times before.

He said that he could do it and the idea that someone would copy that when they could do it themselves just as fast was silly.

Alsup said that there’s no way you could say that was speeding them along to the marketplace.

Boies was so flumixed he tried to get back to his original point but Alsup would not let him.

He told him that all rangecheck did was make sure the numbers you’re inputting are within a range, and gives them some sort of exceptional treatment. A high school kid could do it.

Boies admitted he was not an expert on Java and he could not programme that in six months. Oops.